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Oak Wise Launches Unique Infusion Adjuncts and Oak Tannins

LODI, Calif. (December 1, 2021) – Oak Wise is pleased to announce the launch of Unique Infusion Series oak alternates and natural aqueous tannins. Unique Infusion is a line of oak adjunct for the wine and spirits industry designed to provide rapid results at high dose rates over short time periods.

The new products are; Biscuit, Confection, Cookie Jar, Croissant, Pastille, and Spice Rack. Infusion Series is focused on flavor and aroma expressions that can stand alone or be used as part of a blend. All six products are crafted from cooperage quality American and French Oak, seasoned 24-36 months prior to toasting. Formats are available in chips, dominoes and tank staves.

In addition to the adjuncts, we are releasing (NATAN™) – Premiere Biscuit the first in the Unique range of Natural Aqueous Oak Tannins. Our aqueous oak tannin can assist in increasing the aromatics, flavor, and structure of oak characteristics before bottling. Biscuit will be available in January 2022.

This package contains Unique Infusion oak chips, staves, and NATAN™ Unique Biscuit.

For technical assistance please call Mel Coronado at 209-200-1438 or email at

Oak Wise develop and produce high quality innovative oak products for producers in all categories of alcoholic beverages across the globe. Keep visiting our website as we will soon be launching a range of non-oak adjuncts.

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