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  • Ryan Anderson

Tastry and Oak Wise to Release AI-Assisted Smoke Impact Analysis Program

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

As part of a collaborative effort with Oak Wise and their combined clients, Tastry is developing a method for minimizing the effects of smoke taint on the finished wine.

Through its state-of-the-art laboratories, Tastry will provide testing and analysis services to help vintners quantify smoke taint and apply Oak Wise products for better blending. Having this collaboration at a critical time when wineries are being threatened by wildfires and the impact, they will have on production is crucial.

Katerina Axelsson, CEO of Tastry, said, “Tastry is committed to doing its part in helping wineries navigate what’s expected to be another detrimental fire season in California. We have been helping our winery clients incorporate Oak Wise products into their production for the past year, and we are very pleased to now share some new and very promising artificial intelligence (AI) -assisted techniques incorporating the latest products from Oak Wise to assist winemakers in reducing the perception of smoke taint in the finished wine.”

Winemakers have historically faced significant economic and environmental losses due to the smoke taint-the result of smoke compounds absorption through grape skin. Oak Wise and Tastry both help wineries minimize their damage due to wildfires.

Brian Spillane, Oak Wise Vice President, said, “Many winemakers approach smoke taint by trying to remove the compounds immediately after fermentation, which can be costly and often ineffective. Our company is developing methods that will reduce cost with products and techniques that do not remove or strip the positive attributes in wine.”

Using Tastry’s Compublend™ algorithm, winemakers can go beyond understanding the extent of smoke taint present in their wines and quickly and easily find out which wines are tainted. With Compublend™, winemakers can utilize consumer palate data to form blending results that maximize value and identify how to maximize salvageable fruit. Oak Wise is also highly effective at masking smoke-affected aromatics and redeveloping the taste of wine after previous smoke treatments.

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