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Oak Wise 100% Natural Aqueous Enological Oak Tannins represent a quantum leap in the science and efficacy of oak additions for beverage production. They are a family of liquid oak tannins which give winemakers, brewers and distillers complete control over all the organoleptic and structural elements that oak provides to beverages.

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Our tannins are suitable for use in beverage production and comply with 27 CFR 24.246 of the Alcohol, Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) Electronic Code of Federal Regulations e-CFR when used at our recommended dosage rates.


Premiere is a range of structuring aqueous oak tannins. In wine, they can be added at primary or malolactic fermentation and aging. Premiere will assist in binding pyrazines, aid in color fixation, and tannin polymerization. In wine, the recommended dose rate for Premiere  is 0.2 ml/L – 5.0 ml/L added as late as 48 hours prior to bottling. In spirits, Premiere can be added before bottling or during alcohol dilution prior to barrel aging.  For use in spirits, we recommend using Premiere up to 20% of the makeup of water volume.

Finissage is a range of clear finishing tannins for use in finished wines or to adjust the astringency in cider, beer or spirits. Finissage will soften mouthfeel and increase the fruit aromatics. In wine, the recommended dose rate is 0.2 ml/L – 5 ml/L. In beer and spirits, we recommend adding Finissage to the finished product between 0.5 ml/L to 5 ml/L. Finissage can be added up to 48 hours before filtration or bottling.

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Premiere CT is a range of concentrated aqueous oak tannins. CT will assist in increasing the aromatics of oak characteristics such as toast, spice and the complexity of any beverage. CT will help produce a final product that denotes extended barrel aging. Dose rates from 0.1 – 2ml/L

Red Blend: Premiere delivers volume, toast and spice aromatic notes, and complexity enriching the wine’s palate. Finssage contributes soft spicy aromatic notes and complex mouthfeel.

French Complex: Premiere has rich roasted nuts, baked bread, graham crackers with intense mid-palate fill and fruit lift. Finissage enhances existing oak profiles and adds complexity, palate breadth and depth.

French Mocha: Premiere offers notes of clove, caramel, chocolate and coffee. Finissage delivers soft notes of caramel, chocolate, coffee, a sweet palate and enhances the black fruit.

French HiVan: Premiere has characters of vanilla and will enhance flavors of peach and melon. Finissage has gentler notes of vanilla and whiskey lactone.

French Velvet: Premiere has rich toasted oak notes, roasted nuts, chocolate and spice. Finissage highlights baking spice characters of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Premiere Special Fruit: Significantly increases red fruit and cherry notes and increases phenolic compounds.

American ‘E’ Fresh: Premiere offers a balanced combination of vanilla, caramel and almonds. Finissage contributes delicate notes of raw almonds. Both delivering finesse and complexity.

American Complex: Premiere brings toasted coconut, whiskey lactone, and enhances the tropical fruit character. Finissage enhances existing oak profiles and adds a touch of coconut with improved complexity, palate breadth and depth.

American Mocha: Premiere offers spice, coffee, mocha, and licorice. Finissage has caramel, chocolate, coffee and lifts dark fruit characters.

American HiVan: Premiere brings vanilla, coconut, and whiskey lactone to enhance topical profiles in wine and provide toasted vanilla characteristics in spirits. Finissage adds a sweet vanilla highlight with underlying coconut.

American Velvet: Premiere has brown cooking spices, toasted coconut, and savory notes. Finissage has baking spices plus coconut lactones to increase softness.

Premiere CT Strength: A selection of our Premiere range available in a concentrated formulation. Approximately 20+ Brix.

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